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100% of Crew Chiefs at 2016 24Hrs of Le Mans AGREE!!!


In a survey conducted by our Founder at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans, every Crew Chief interviewed agreed that TrakkTape was totally useless to them.

Their cars get so beat up by the race, they have to totally repaint ( or re-wrap ) them.

Almost all of them did say they thought it would be a great idea for someone doing a track day in their street car. 

Please note that the TrakkTape roll at right made it through the entire 24 hours looking much better than our fearless leader. Time for sleep, for sure. 

TrakkTape is 5 mil in thickness. A typical clear bra is 8 mil, so a single layer of TrakkTapetm gives a high level of temporary protection and can be left on for up to two weeks. Please read installation instructions for more info before heading to Wally World. 

The yellow Porsche above is shown on track 

with full TrakkTape paint protection. So is the silver Corvette. Even if there is a little imperfection showing like on the Lotus, it can usually be Photoshopped out, not like BLUE TAPE!! 

TrakkTape is specially formulated to be the best track tape for  temporary track day HPDE paint protection. The residue free adhesive is sticky enough to stay on your car, but not so sticky that it is hard to remove, even if left on for up to two weeks. 

TrakkTapetm is almost invisible in track day photographs

Road Trip or Factory Delivery, TrakkTapetm has you covered!

TrakkTapetm is the BEST

Track Day Paint Protection!

Tired of the Blue Tape Blues??

You can't get the BEST track day (HPDE) paint protection without using the BEST track tape!!