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​The Original!

Will TrakkTape damage or peel off my clear bra?

​Nope, we developed TrakkTape largely to PROTECT clear bras. Mine was getting trashed on the track. When you get a cut in the bra, there is nothing you can do. At least you can touch up a chip in the paint.  

Are there any issues with factory finishes?  PLEASE READ THIS ONE!

As long as we have been selling and using TrakkTape, we have, to our knowledge never had an issue with factory paint, but we have had a couple of instances of TrakkTape being incompatible with the UV coating on some non-glass headlights. Keep in mind, it has been used on literally hundreds of non-glass headlights, but why take a chance?

Therefore, we do not recommend that TrakkTape be used DIRECTLY on non-glass headlights. If you have non-glass headlights, we suggest applying a layer or two of kitchen cling wrap to the headlight before applying TrakkTape.

Be sure and apply the TrakkTape in a manner that will secure the cling wrap. 



In years of selling TrakkTape, there have only been a couple of questionable instances on headlights, 

but, hey, better safe than sorry. For example, a BMW recently reported a problem, but we have had

probably hundreds of BMW's use TrakkTape on headlights with no issue. So, who knows?


How long can I leave TrakkTape on my car?

I have personally left it on my Lotus for about ten days, two consecutive track weekends. I think two weeks would probably be OK. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for a clear bra and should not be left on more than a couple of weeks. 

Is one layer enough for good protection?

Yes, with one exception. On cars like Porsche Turbos, Lotus Elise/Exige and others with a "Coke bottle" flare in front of the rear wheels, you need extra protection. For a two day weekend at a dirty track, I use three to four layers for about twelve inches in front of each rear wheel well. You have to remember that the debris that hits that area is not coming off a car in front of you, but comes like a shotgun blast off your own front tires. You will find that TrakkTape gets REALLY tough in multiple layers. 

Can I use TrakkTape in the rain?

TrakkTape is fine for use in light rain. But, when large pockets of water start to form under the tape, it should be removed. Please read the next question below for more info. 

Does TrakkTape leave any residue when removed?

Generally no. We have been using it for years and only personally had one instance of any residue being left on the car after removing the TrakkTape. It was an unusual condition where we were having torrential rains. I drove to the track on Friday night through a huge rainstorm. Then, there was pounding rain all night.

Next day, the weather was clear, but fairly cold. There were many bulges holding water behind the TrakkTape where water had forced by the edges. I bled the majority of them and finished the weekend with some additional rain. On Sunday, in cool weather, I removed the tape and there were areas where there was residue left on the car. 

TO REMOVE RESIDUE: Use a fresh bottle of 91% Isopropyl or denatured alcohol. Rub the area with the alcohol and a 

microfiber towel. if the residue is even a little stubborn, move the car out in the sun or use a hair dryer or heat gun (low) and add a little heat. It should come right off.  DON'T USE A LOT OF PRESSURE OR YOU MAY SCUFF THE PAINT. 

It has only happened once to me and I suspect that it was a combination of massive amounts of water combined with the low temperatures. I have been in lesser rain with no apparent problem and have removed the tape is pretty cold weather without issues as well. We have had a couple of similar reports from customers in the same conditions. 

The adhesive is actually water soluble and seems to be affected by large amounts of water. When the weather is warm, the adhesive is more pliable and tends to come off more easily. When it is cold, it may stick to the car more.

TO REALLY AVOID RESIDUE: If you are on track and get caught in the rain to the point that large amounts of water are behind the tape and it is fairly cool outside, I would suggest removing the tape except for any tape that is protecting the area in front of the rear wheels. That area gets hit really hard with debris from the front tires and needs protection. If there is some residue, I would rather deal with it than possible possible paint damage from debris on track. 

My car has been repainted. Can I use TrakkTape on non-factory paint?

Probably. Many, many TrakkTape customers have used the tape on cars that have been repainted. My own car is one. But, I waited several months to be sure the paint was really well cured and the car was painted by a top quality shop. 

The bottom line is there are so many variables in getting a good paint job, that I would suggest using a test strip in some hidden area. Leave it on for a week or so and then see how it feels when you pull it off. 

If you don't feel comfortable, let us know and we will give you a 100% refund, including return shipping of the TrakkTape. 

Will TrakkTape damage the factory racing stripes on my car. They don't have a gloss clear on them like the paint. 

Sorry, I really don't know for sure, so would suggest doing a small test strip in a less visible area. The question has come up in the past and we have not yet received any negative feedback, for what that is worth. 

Can TrakkTape be used to protect my windshield?

I'm sorry, but no. It is transparent, but not clear enough to use on your windshield. There are some good products out there made specifically for that use. ClearPlex and Windshield Armor are a couple that I found online, but I know nothing about either company.

Will TrakkTape improve my lap times?

We think so, but might be wrong. : )  See our Corvette test here.  ( Actually, just being smoother in working the controls is probably a more reliable path to better times. )

Can I use TrakkTape for off road paint protection?

Absolutely! We have a lot of customers that are off roaders and use TrakkTape for off road paint protection. Since TrakkTape gets incredibly tough if you use multiple layers, you can use a single layer in most areas and then go to multiple

layers in the really high impact areas. 


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