No matter where you live or want to go, Fantastic Roads knows the way! 

Fantastic roll off leveling pads, virtually identical to Longacre, but 

only $595 for a set of four!


Lots of good fast driving info here!!

You need to drive there!!

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TrakkTape™ is extremely proud to have Hooked on Driving as our official Track Day Partner!

We at TrakkTape™ truly feel that David Ray and the Hooked on Driving team set an extremely high standard for the Track Day Experience that is without equal.

So, the next time you head for the race track with your street car, consider the combination of Hooked on Driving and TrakkTape™.

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It is just impossible to overstate how much incredible info is on Larry's great site!

The Track Day Guide and Rubber Removal tips are just the start, so have fun!!

AND, he is a hard core car guy with a wonderful product line!

The Original!

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​The Original!

In collaboration with leaders in the High Performance Driver Education community, the Motorsport Safety Foundation has created standards for the selection, training and certification of high performance driving instructors.

OK, I admit it! West Coast Racing is my favorite SoCal track day group. As opposed to Hooked on Driving, they only put on events twice a year at the famous Willow Springs BIG TRACK!   With an emphasis on safety and fun, you have to come out for a weekend!  The prices are an incredible deal and a well organized group of free instructors are always available. I'm pleased to say I instruct with them, as well. 

They provide a different experience from Hooked on Driving who are nationally the Gold Standard, of course.