You need to use roll off levelers for two main reasons.

First: All suspension readings, especially when setting corner weights need to be done with the racecar on a level platform. 

Second: When suspension changes are made they can cause a bind in the suspension that will give false readings. You need to roll the car off the scales, shake it and then roll it back on the scales to get accuracy.

Roll offs by TrakkRats make no compromises in either quality of workmanship or bearing capacity. They feature six support legs, tire stops and formed aluminum construction. 

At $500 for a set of four, they are virtually HALF the price of similar products by other manufacturers and are 100% made in the USA!

​Levelers are normally built for 2.5" racing scales, but 4" models are available

​by special order. The price is the same. 

California Residents

Roll Off Leveling Pads for Racing Scales

Pro Racer Parts at Club Racer Prices!


Non California Residents

More TrakkRats Products Coming Soon!

$500 plus $85 shipping and $45 tax

$500 plus $85 shipping

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The Original!

The Original!

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